The Secretariat of Productive Development and Competitiveness is responsible for providing  strategic direction for the planning, monitoring, and evaluation of productive development, investment and competitiveness in Quito.  

It also provides leadership, direction, planning and management of policies that promote economic and productive development in Quito, by boosting employment, competitiveness, productive investment, exports, innovation and technology. The Secretariat aims to reach the afore mentioned goals through the promotion of  strategic alliances with the private sector and regulating and promoting tourism development.


Generate, coordinate, articulate, promote and oversee public policies; promote strategies for the productive development programs; attract investment and increase competitiveness  of Quito.

We see Quito in a new light, as a city that aims to improve it´s competitiveness, thus enabling the success of it´s businesses, creating employment opportunities and increasing the productivity for its citizens.  Our city vision aims to be sustainable, inclusive and environmentally friendly with strategies that satisfy current needs without compromising future generations.

Our development model deeply believes in public-private partnerships as a path to progress, with a particular focus on urban solutions that improve the quality of life of the people, whilest generating more coverage and improving the quality of public services while developing ideal conditions for entrepreneurship and innovation.

We believe and are committed to innovation as the catalyst for economic growth, which inturn will enable social and business progress of the city.  We are transforming Quito into a city that builds it´s future hand in hand with social partners, and from the municipality we provide spaces for dialogue and direct collaboration with citizens, the private sector, national and international organizations and universities, so as to identify, develop and assess the impact of solutions implemented in the District.

Our policies aims are to provide legal security to national and foreign investments, this goal is reflected in the confidence with which the private sector has come to our administration.  Few cities are carrying out significant projects to the extent that Quito is doing; which in turn, translates into the main incentive we seek to provide, namely boosting investment in the city.  For this reason, I want to invite you to be part of this momentum, to be an active participant in the great economic takeoff of our city, I invite you to produce, invest, live, innovate and shine in Quito.


Mauricio Rodas Espinel




At the current juncture, the country and the city need confidence and stability, it is for this reason, that the Municipality of Quito works under a participatory development and inclusive model that goes hand in hand with businesses, citizens and academia, with sustainable policies and social responsibility to help improve the quality of life of citizens and the competitiveness of the city.

Quito has always been a city of knowledge, innovation, and entrepreneurship, factors that we want to promote, in order to become a regional reference.  Our objective is to promote entrepreneurial activities and assist businesses insertion in an increasingly globalized world; as well as integrating ourselves with intelligent solutions to new urban and territorial challenges.

In Quito Invest we renew once again the work commitment we have with the city, with sound policies and incentives to improve the business climate, boost investment and provide stability to the productive sector, generating public-private synergies that contribute to making Quito the ideal place to do business.

Álvaro Maldonado

Secretary of Productive Development and Competitiveness